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Episode # 5418 – Mary FioRio On The Unrest In Chicago

July 27, 2020

Mary FioRito is super excited for today’s show, for she has two guests on with her today. For the first half of the show, she is joined by her good friend Gloria Purvis of EWTN’s radio show Morning Glory and she discusses what she has been doing in terms of work and talking about being within the Pro-Life Community and also how Gloria got involved with the Pro-Life Community. They also discuss some of the current issues and situations involving the Pro-Life Community. Tomorrow Gloria is proud to have the conference that Mary has talked about before: Racism is a Life Issue and what she hopes will come out of it. For the second half of the show, Mary welcomes Mark Curran back to the show who ran for Senate and also former Lake County Sherriff and Mark talks about going to one of the protests that were held in Chicago and also to talk about all the unrest and violence that is affecting everyone in the city of Chicago. For more information on Mary and her guests, visit online at:

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