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Episode # 5415 – Father Koys On The Everyone’s Idea Of The Afterlife

July 22, 2020

Father Koys is back with us and ready to wrinkle your brains this hour. He has many things to talk about and discuss that is not only going on in America, but also the world. For one thing, he focuses on history again, by looking around during the 13 Colonies and the formation of America, in particular 1776. He also says that there is a “danger” with looking into history, not necessarily a bad or terrible danger, but starting on a journey that you know you can’t stop Father Koys tells us. This connects again to Father Koys sharing everyone’s idea of Heaven and in terms of right and wrong. One story he uses to express this is a tale about Irish Gravediggers. Another area that connects with the idea of the Afterlife is that Father Koys looks at is love, marriage, and divorce. An also to help with this and the Covid-19 Pandemic, he brings to mind the meditation of C.S. Lewis.