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Episode # 5414 – Children Going Back To School And 9 New Lockdown Rules For Christians

July 21, 2020

After praying the Precious Blood of Jesus for healing many and the world during this Covid-19 Pandemic, the Two Tony’s are here with us loyal listeners after being away for a week, even though it feels longer. Today, they discuss how much is going on in the world, not just with Covid-19, but everything that has been happening. This includes Father Anthony talking to the principle at Saint Stanislaus Kostka School and regarding students coming back to school, as well as the fear many have felt and feel with kids going back to school. Tony shares his feelings as well, in terms of this and what it was like when he went to school too. The Two Tony’s also discuss the recent and new 9 Lockdown Rules that have gone into effect as of today for Christians. Father Anthony is also excited for Confirmation this weekend coming up. On the other hand, and possibly due to Father Anthony pinching his finger (not really) but the Two Tony’s look more into the Spiritual Battle Father Anthony has talked about.