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Episode # 5370 – Father Koys Welcomes Back Mikey Straub

May 20, 2020

Father Koys is back loyal listeners and today he continues his discussion on Religious Freedom and Religious Liberty.  To help in the discussion, he has with him on the phone a former/previous guest of the show, the former mayor of Burr Ridge, IL: Mikey Straub.  Along with Mickey Straub, Father Koys raises more facts and questions surrounding the re-opening of the country and the world itself with the Covid-19 Pandemic going on, including the re-opening of churches.  Both share many important facts and share their opinions on how they feel in terms of businesses and places re-opening up after all this.  They also share information the governors of all 50 states have been doing in terms of making sure that when things open up, they want to make sure it’s safe and to keep people safe.  From all this, both remind us to put our faith in God and Jesus and they will help us get through this tough time.  For more information on Mikey Straub, visit online at:

 Mikey Straub: