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Episode # 5365 – Father Koys Continues On Religious Liberty

May 13, 2020

Father Koys is back with us and he is very happy to be here and ready to wrinkle your brains and free your minds.  With that, Father Koys feels that even though many scientists are working toward finding a vaccine and cure for Covid-19, we need more than that, in terms of faith and faith in God.  With that in mind, he has on the phone in the beginning of the show, Horatio from the Legal Counsel Organization from Florida who has been working with churches in Chicago in terms of opening them back up again and talking about Religious Freedom and Religious Liberty (as we’ve promoted on the show in previous episodes).  Once again, this raises the question and debate on considering churches and masses essential and essential businesses.  After the interview, Father Koys continues on this subject of debate, surrounding the essential need for churches and masses and shares with us a sermon by Msgr. Schmitz on Religious Freedom.