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Episode # 5361 – The Two Tony’s On The Need To Pray To The Virgin Mary

May 7, 2020

Thursday with the Two Tony’s and it’s another beautiful day in Chicago, despite the Pandemic, the sun is shining and it’s a bright day outside.  Tony enjoys rainy days more as we all know LOL.  But, the discussion today has the Two Tony’s reflect on how it’s the month of May and how Mother’s Day is coming up and that this is the month of Mary.  With that in mind, the Two Tony’s and all say their prayers to all those who are on the frontlines and sick and pray to not only God and Jesus, but the blessed Virgin Mother Mary. They also talk about the system that politicians have put into effect in the various phases in order to open up the country and the world and how everyone has either been following them or not.  They remind us to stay safe, as well as the God will help us get through this crisis.