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Episode # 5357 – The Two Tony’s Continue On Getting Back To Normal

May 1, 2020

TGIF everyone and loyal listeners.  The Two Tony’s are here and they are excited for the beautiful day, despite the Pandemic, for spring is in the air and Father Anthony is waiting for the buds on the tree he sees from his window to come in.  After praying the Angelus for the Covid-19 Pandemic for all the front liners, doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, scientist, politicians, the economy and for those who are sick with the virus and that with Gods help, this Pandemic will end and we will get back to normal and things will be up and running again.  Despite everything, it’s the first day of May too and how Spring is here and warming up things, and how maybe, maybe the Churches will be starting to reopen to people midway into May, with adjustments in order to make things and places safe.  The Two Tony’s discuss how when the world gets through this, the world will get back to normal, but what will the normal be is the question.  Will it be the same as it was before the Pandemic, or will normal be changed and different.  In other words: what will be normal?  Tony also shares what he has been doing in order to get through the days, such as working from home and what he’s been doing to distract himself, as others have done, in order to get through the day, such as watching TV and doing housework.