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Episode 5355 – Father Koys And Philosophy Is The Great Brain Healer

April 29, 2020

Father Koys is back loyal listeners and he is very happy to be here with us, as he is every Wednesday to wrinkly your brains with insightful topics.  Today, Father Koys joined by Tony again, Father Koys points out that the theme for today is that philosophy is the healer of the mind, allowing us to think about things.  This brings to mind once again, Saint Thomas Aquinas that Father Koys talked about last week.  With philosophy being the great brain healer, Father Koys, also using the movie: The Matrix again to help with this discussion, examines how philosophy can heal people in terms of “freeing our minds” in for things around us and the truth about certain things around us.  Father Koys also, on a different subject, shares a recent video with a nurse talking about Covid-19 patients and what has been happening on the frontlines, which connects to talking about the truth Father Koys mentioned earlier.