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Episode # 5354 – The Two Tony’s Express The Fears From The Covid-19 Pandemic

April 28, 2020

It’s Tuesday with the Two Tony’s on the show loyal listeners and they are very happy to be with us today.  They continue discussing the Covid-19 Pandemic and Tony shares his anger and frustration about everything that is going on, in particular staying home and safe.  They discuss all that is said by health experts and scientists and all that has been shared in the news as well.  They also share their fears during this time too, and how turning to God can help and He can provide aid with our fears.  Father Anthony explains that the fear is justified because of all that is going on and some have reached the breaking point with being at home a lot and remaining hopeful with everything, but it is fearful and stressful.  They also discuss a recently pulled video from YouTube that many downloaded and allows the Two Tony’s to express their feelings in terms of the fears and all that has been said regarding the virus and what is believed and what isn’t.  From this, the Two Tony’s express the concerns, as well as the fears, many feel with doing ordinary things, such as going to the store or restaurants, which in turn talks about all those out of work and going back to normal.