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Episode # 5296 – Where Are You In Darkness?

February 6, 2020

It’s Thursday with the Two Tony’s once again and they both are very excited.  They also express concern and caution to all who have to travel in the snow.  They discuss some of the things the students at St. Stans have been doing, which Father Anthony says are beautiful things to see and see done by children.  Father Anthony also brings up, what makes a man, in terms of being a servant of God and what can be done in order to show not only that, but the relationship with God too and the responsibilities and obligations in Life as well.  However, on a more serious note, the Two Tony’s examine the question that may or may not affect many, “Where are you in Darkness?”  and from that, if you answer yes to any of the things Father Anthony mentions related to darkness, such as anxiety, emptiness, loneliness, or scared of something, he provides some comforting words that help, including what Jesus Himself did. Tony offers his feelings on this too.