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Episode # 5280 – Father Koys On Occams’ Razor Continued

January 15, 2020

It’s brain wrinkling time again with Father Koys on this second Wednesday of January in 2020.  Today, Father Koys first shares more on what he was talking about last week, Occam’s razor.  Another thing he looks at, is a different area here, in science and medicine and how it continued to improve and gain greater advantages as it moved from the Old World to the New World, in terms of the years it changed and he talks about criticizing the modern scientists because they follow the thinking of Occam.  He reexamines the 4 Causes of Aristotle again to help explain Occam’s razor in the modern era.  He also looks at the advances of technology and brings to mind Steve Jobs, a very influential person in that area, but how Steve Jobs follows Occam’s mistake.