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Episode # 5275 – Father Koys Begins In 2020

January 8, 2020

It’s Father Koys’s first show of 2020 loyal listeners and as usual, he’s ready for some brain wrinkling again.  On today’s show, he continues his look into examining history of God and the nation of Israel.  He shares revelations and connections he had in looking into this and his opinions on some of the people mentioned in the history, such as the Three Kinds who came to see Jesus when He was born.  Father Koys also talks about the differences between the generations again, in terms of those who go to church still, and those with have “left” the church.  This shows a difference in terms of how the beliefs of many have changed and differentiated than years before.  Father Koys also shares some insights about Aristotle’s Four Causes and how Occam’s razor causes our younger generation to abandon the faith.