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Episode # 5249 – The Two Tony’s On Father Anthony’s Road To Recovery

December 3, 2019

It’s Tuesday with the Two Tony’s on December 3rd and they are very, very excited to be back after a whole lot of things going on and re-airs of the show the last few weeks.  But today, the Two Tony’s share how much has happened, not just new equipment and Thanksgiving last week, but also how Advent has begun and the Feast Day of Saint Francis Xavier is today too.  One main thing, Father Anthony talks about all that he’s been going through with dealing with cancer and he tells Tony and our listeners just about all that happened and recently with his surgeries and treatments.  All in all, the tumor is completely gone after months and months of treatment and procedures, so some very good news today loyal listeners.  He thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers and the joy of being recovered.  This allows the Two Tony’s to once again talk about how life itself is stressful, but remind us that God helps us and during this season of Advent, He hears us and we come to pray to Him.  The Two Tony’s also mention a little on Saint Francis Xavier.