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Episode # 5245 – Father Koys and Rachel Jurado On Squanto

November 27, 2019

Father Koys is back with us after being away and today he is joined by Rachel Jurado again from his parish and Chesterton Academy of the Holy Family in Lisle, for they are very excited.  Not only for Thanksgiving this week for everyone and they have much to be thankful for, but today their discussion is at first Father Koys talking about himself when he was in high school many years ago.  However, today being the day before Thanksgiving and Father Koys and Rachel discuss not only the importance of Thanksgiving, but also share the story of the historical figure at it's beginnings: the Indian Squanto.  Sharing the history of not only Squanto himself, but also how he became such an important figure to helping the Pilgrims when they arrived on the Mayflower and the First Thanksgiving.  Another person Rachel and Father Koys talk about, is Abraham Lincoln and his importance in Thanksgiving.  

For more information on Rachel Jurado, visit:   And, from all of us to all of our Loyal Listeners, Happy Thanksgiving everyone.