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Episode # 5227 – All Saints Day 2019 With The Two Tony’s

November 1, 2019

TGIF loyal listeners and today is the day after Halloween, or as we all know: All Saints Day, to remember all those Saints who have done many important things in their lives and in the service of God and the Church.  The Two Tony’s discuss not only that, but how yesterday it was a different day, especially with the October snow Chicago got and mixed with all the leaves falling down and ice too, making a beautiful, but intense scene with ice and snow melting and trees losing branches, causing a different feeling to be felt for the end of October.  The Two Tony’s discuss All Souls Day which is coming up over the weekend, but mainly being the Feast Day of All Saints, the Two Tony’s discuss some, if not all, of the Saints and their impact on the lives of many people, as well as pointing out many historical facts.  They also pick up the discussion from yesterday on the results of the Amazonian Synod and on the times we live in.