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Episode # 5226 – Halloween 2019 With The Two Tony’s

October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween everyone from Winds of Change and after a few technical issues, the show goes off to a good start, with the Two Tony’s picking up where they left off on Tuesday, in how things are radically changing and continuing to change and Father Anthony reminds us that we must remember who we are with not only ourselves in life, but our faith.  The Two Tony’s go further by looking into the Crisis In the Church that they have discussed on many shows and brought up before, relating to the changing times around  us.  From this, the Two Tony’s point out many of the differences between the generations in terms of talking on the phone, use of social media, texting and other ways of communication.   This once again brings up the idea of the stress and stressful times we live in and the constant struggle of good and evil.