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Episode # 5219 – The Two Tony’s And The Trials And Tragedies In Life

October 22, 2019

It’s Tuesday with the Two Tony’s and Father Anthony is just coming off a funeral for a family that he has known and seen for many years while being a priest at St. Stans.  With that in mind, they not only discuss the funeral and family, which everyone from Winds of Change offers their thoughts and prayers for their loss, but also the journey of life or the journey that one goes through during their lives and life in general.  From this, the family has history with the Holocaust and Concentration Camps and the Two Tony’s talk about the stories of those who went through that and survived, as well as lost loved ones in that tragedy, explaining the wounds that still or might still linger on in those who survived.  On a more cheerful note, the Two Tony’s talk about the success of the Blue Mass that was held this past weekend and how it was a mass to pay tribute to police, fire fighters, first responders, and all others who perform services to assist and help people.