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Episode # 5215 – Father Koys Continuing On Evangelization

October 16, 2019

Father Koys is here and he is the one to wrinkle your brain again this week.  His hot topic today is the inner circle of those who are church goers and those who continue to go to church, surrounding themselves with Gods presence and he goes back to looking into evangelization again, bringing up many historical figures along these lines.  He also raises how many who deal with evangelization and don’t go to church, feel the guilt of things and not going.  Father Koys expresses a need for a call to do more than we have been doing in order to make things better and to lose that sense of guilt and fix things in this day and age.  Another topic Father Koys focuses on is the false dichotomy of leading with Jesus.  He also discusses with going to church, the importance of confession and confessions made to priests and bringing those who have left the church back to it.