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Episode # 5144 – Lots Going On And No Time To Organize

July 9, 2019

Following a funeral Father Anthony conducted before the show, Producer Nick and Tony start off the show.  They have been busy, busy, busy these last few weeks and working a lot, with Father Anthony coming on a little bit after the show starts and much going on, not just funerals, but the Saint Stans Healing Mass as well, with a good turnout.  This brings to mind how much is going on all around us and a need for energy to keep going and no time to organize or put things together, including our faith in God.  With the funeral he conducted this morning, Father Anthony talks about conducting that, as well as meeting the family and knowing the person who sadly passed away.  The Two Tony’s and Cristina (who arrives a bit after the first break) are reunited too on the show and they run they show wherever the spirit takes them today, which goes into looking at the signs of the times again and the difference between the generations.