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Episode # 5135 – Father Koys Interviews Rachel Jurado

June 26, 2019

Father Koys is here and for a change of pace, he has with him Rachel Jurado a member of St. James in Lemont and a team member from Chesterton Academy on the show today.  Along with Rachel, Father Koys wants to talk about why history is so important to Catholicism and to discuss the world history relating it to the world and wars.  Also, Rachel talks about all those she has helped out at Chesterton Academy and how it feels like a family with that.  She talks about the students, the classroom atmosphere, and other aspects of the Academy to provide a good education.  Both Father Koys and Rachel try to look at the many things that make up culture and subjects that make up the Spirit of the Age and also look at the Reformation and the mistakes made during its formation.  For more information on Chesterton Academy, visit online at: