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Episode # 5124 – The Two Tony’s On The Healing Process

June 11, 2019

Winds of Change is very excited for the return of Father Anthony once again today and he shares with everyone and Tony how he was away for radiation therapy with dealing with his ongoing fight with cancer.  Father Anthony is doing very well and recovering okay and thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers for him.  For one thing, since Father Anthony is healing, the Two Tony’s discuss healing, not only in terms of those who work in the medical field and medicine, but healing in so many ways, including the healing ways of God.  The Two Tony's discuss how many are going through rough times, but everyone can be healed through things such as prayer and turning to God in our roughest and toughest times.  This also relates again to how life for all can be hard and full of sacrifice at times, but also that there is joy and goodness around us, as well as they remind us how we deal with the Spiritual Battle that Father Anthony has talked about.  The Two Tony’s also remind us to keep the faith in ourselves and in our lives which can lead to healing.