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Episode # 5122- Kendra Von Esh Feeling And Experiencing The Holy Spirit

June 7, 2019

Joining us for her first show this Friday in June is Kendra Von Esh, who has been on as a guest before and is now a guest hostess for the show, filling in for Father Anthony while he is away for his continued and successful treatments.  On her first show, Kendra is super excited and is ready to talk about Pentecost (since it’s coming up this Sunday) and the Holy Spirit, not only in general as all know about these two, but also about her own personal experience with the Holy Spirit and coming to know that spirit very well, expressing and encouraging everyone to turn to the Holy Spirit and allow it to come into our lives.  Related to that, Kendra shares her very influential journey toward Catholicism and God Himself which everyone can do and experience, such as how prayer is not only prayer and a way to get peace, but a means to talk directly to God.