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Episode # 5102 – The Two Tony’s Continue Discussing The Signs Of The Times

May 10, 2019

TGIF loyal listeners as we once again join the Two Tony’s.  Today, after having his nutritious drink, Father Anthony discusses many of the things going on, mostly stories within the news.  From these things featured in the news and media, it shows once again the stress and disorder we have in society and the world.  Such things include many tragic shootings around us at places of fun and schools, past and present tragedies.  One particular topic within this discussion raised again is the topic of transgender.  Another thing the Two Tony’s point out is how our faith is affected by things like this, as well as how different generations are exposed to these topics.  From all these things in society, Father Anthony shares how even though we are in a Spiritual Battle he talks about, he also points out how there is a Cultural Battle too.  The Two Tony’s also share how due to a lot of these things, a lot of people, especially the young, are dealing with anxiety and express an urge to come back to God.