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Episode # 5083 – An Interview With Kendra Von Esh

April 15, 2019

Mike Stark is back on this Monday and just a reminder, today is Tax Day, April 15th everyone, so make sure you got those filed and ready to go.  On the show, he is joined by Kendra Von Esh, author of the book: Am I Catholic?, news anchor at Shalom World TV, and an inspirational speaker.  Kendra shares about her catholic upbringing when she was younger and her family, as well as her transformation from someone who felt that they had everything and didn’t need God, into someone who learned and understood the value and importance of God and brought her back to the Catholic Church.  From this, she also discusses how all that and more led to the writing her book, including listening to Mike Stark's own Audio Bible.  Mike and Kendra share how important faith in God and Jesus is and how they can make a difference for everyone.  Besides sharing everything that led Kendra to writing Am I Catholic?, she shares what her book is about.  For more information on Mike Stark and Kendra Von Esh, visit online at:

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