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Episode # 5081 – The Two Tony’s On Turning To God When In Need

April 11, 2019

The Two Tony’s are back with us this Thursday and they are doing good today.  One thing Father Anthony points out is that Holy Week is coming up and how everyone is getting ready for that, as well as Palm Sunday and Easter this month.  The Two Tony’s point out that even though everyone is making preparations, some things have changed in terms of people being able to keep traditions up or up to date.  For example, if someone can’t make it to mass, they can download the readings from the mass.  This allows them to discuss how things are the way they are today and how people turn to God in times of stress.  A few key points with that in mind are that we pray to God and Jesus, which brings back what Jesus taught people, that is trying to not worry about things and/or tomorrow and focus on the current day/situation and another key here is that Jesus and God will help get us through the day and/or our troubles.  From this, the Two Tony’s discuss the upcoming Holy Week and our adoration to God in terms of a source for healing.