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Episode # 5079 – A Beautiful Day With The Two Tony’s

April 9, 2019

After a week of reairs and Father Anthony being away and returning from Rochester, the Two Tony’s are back on this beautiful, or second beautiful day in Chicago, since spring is coming and the weather has been great the last two days.  The idea of “resurrection” comes to mind with so many people outside enjoying the weather too.  That aside, Father Anthony has a lot to discuss, first talking about the actor Kelsey Grammer, who many know from the sitcoms: Cheers and Fraiser.  On the show, Father Anthony shares with Tony and all, what the actor has been going through and how he received Gods help with things, which in turn relates to many all over the world when we go through things and how our need to turn to God will and can help.  Father Anthony talks about his birthday as well since it’s today too, but switches gears on the show with Tony discussing more on the signs and state of our times these days.