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Episode # 3013 – Interview With Samantha Povlock From FemCatholic

January 7, 2019

On her first show of 2019, Mary FioRito first starts off by wishing everyone a Happy New Year and reminds us that the Christmas season is still going on and encourages all to keep the Christmas Spirit alive these next few days.  With her on the show today is Samantha Povlock, co-founder and coordinator of FemCatholic, an organization that deals with women's issues and faith, as well as an upcoming conference to discuss many of these issues. Samantha Povlock talks about her history, the formation of FemCatholic, and the inspirations for the formation of it, as well as for the upcoming conference.  Through this discussion, both women talk about and discuss the issues women are still facing today and how this organization can help.  For more information on Mary and Samantha Povlock and FemCatholic, visit online at:    

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