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Episode # 3011 – A New Year But Changed Forever

January 3, 2019

On the third day of 2019, Father Anthony, Cristina, and Tony wish everyone a Happy New Year.  However, the show is a bit less than happy, due to first Father Anthony sharing the latest on the devastation brought by the hurricane that struck Florida last year, with so much all gone and how the state has changed forever.  Everyone discusses all the feelings resulting from a disaster like this, as well as the continuing struggle survivors have to deal with in the aftermath.  Father Anthony brings to mind some historical tragedies too, such as the Holocaust during World War II and various terrorist attacks, like 9/11, to relate to how one tragic event can change a lot.  With all that, Father Anthony shares that even though we are in a new year, “2019 will be a hard year” he says, in terms of all the crises, corruption, scandals, and other things that have appeared and how we, the world, and the Church are affected.  Everyone shares what they feel can help and hope to make things honest this new year, as well as to make things better, including turning to The Lord Himself.