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Episode # 2099 – Suffering In A Time That Should Be Joyful

December 18, 2018

Father Anthony, Cristina, Tony, and Angelica, Tony’s wife, are here once again and even though it’s the Christmas season, it seems that there is a lot of suffering.  For one thing, Producer Nick had a friend whose son passed away last Saturday and the more recent of two police officers who were killed by a train in a pursuit of an offender.  It seems that the Evil One is at work Father Anthony suggests with all this suffering, at a time when things are supposed to be joyful in the world.  This brings the discussion for everyone to share on how Life itself can be joyful and good, but also how it can be hard and have suffering and tragedy.  But with all this suffering in mind, we are assured, that even though we suffer, we are not defeated and that there is still joy and good out there.  Related to this, Father Anthony shares an article on Bruce Springsteen.