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Episode # 2085 – Remembering John Koys

November 28, 2018

Father Koys is here with us, but however he is in a sad mood, due to the recent passing of his brother John, who has been on the show with him before.  Father Koys shares many, many fond and precious memories of him and John, not only helping him on the radio at times, but as a family and as brothers, growing up, doing fun things together, and enjoying things in life.  Father Koys also talks about what a kind, loving man his brother John was and how he lived.  With this sad time, Father Koys also talks about the concept/subject of death and how to expose many, especially children too it.  Tony joins a bit later too and goes down memory lane with Father Koys about his brother John, as well as the concepts of life and death and dealing with them, as well as Heaven and Hell and God and The Devil.