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Episode # 2080 – Father Koys And The First Thanksgiving

November 21, 2018

Father Koys is here with us the day before Thanksgiving and he has much to talk about.  First of all, he has joining him via phone, a special lady who will be at a December retreat at his church: Saint James at Sag Bridge in Lemont, IL, Dr. Lisa Fortinni Campbell.  They discuss much on Dr. Campbell‘s life and history, as well as the work she is currently doing and getting ready for the December Advent Retreat planned Saint James at Sag Bridge.  Mainly, Father Koys discusses the history of the First Thanksgiving, explaining not only the historical references, traditions, and being thankful, but Father Koys also talks about the truths and legends behind the story, in particular Squanto.


Once again everyone, Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Winds of Change.