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Episode # 2046 – Another Urgent Need To Pray The Rosary

October 4, 2018

Father Anthony, Christina, and Tony are back with us today on this first Thursday in October and the feeling is good, with Father Anthony coming back from a summit for the Archdiocese.  From this, Father Anthony expresses that we can’t lose hope and hope in God and the Virgin Mary, reminding us that they are with us and to help us, and urges everyone to pray the Rosary this month.  Another thing is that today is the Feast Day of Saint Francis of Assis, so Father Anthony, Christina, and Tony share their feelings on that and how everyone is connected with God and the church, a feeling of family.  This also brings a negative aspect, having a fear of things.  Despite fears, God is here to help us and Father Anthony again, expresses an urgency to pray the Rosary.