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Episode # 1688 –A Need For Order

May 19, 2017

After Tony and Christina just fly in as the show starts and TGIF everyone.  Unfortunately Father Anthony points out that they are never really satisfied because Mother Nature decided to cool things down, after a few hot, gorgeous days of Spring/Summer this past week, but colder now.  Father Anthony is doing okay, but going nonstop with so many things going on, including his cancer treatments.  With yesterday being a busy day, Father Anthony shares how busy that day was with lots of work to be done and a need for Order.  With this need for order, Father Anthony is getting ready for another CAT scan to check on his condition, but also this need also implies to how busy and nonstop things are going on; past, present, and future, but “Life goes on and Life goes out” Father Anthony says, in terms of going through things yes, but we need to keep going.  This brings everyone: Christina, Gerri, and Tony to talk about themselves as examples of a need for order by talking about having so many things and so much to do at times or have a lot of clutter around and creatures of habit.  Father Anthony also mentions how God tries to bring order when disorder is around us or going through a disordered time.  This also brings back many memories of things that had to be done, such as the remodeling and reworking of Saint Stanislaus Kostka itself.