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Episode # 1685 – The Uprising

May 16, 2017

The Uprising is upon us, as Father Anthony passionately speaks and starts off the show today.  After hearing all the craziness in the news this morning, Father Anthony picks up a little on what he previously talked about the last few shows and leading us to the “Twilight Zone” in terms of where the times are.  Gerri unfortunately has to leave the show early but for personal reasons, but she is okay though.  The discussion continues on how things have changed around us all in terms of society and people, as well as communication.  The Uprising Father Anthony speaks of here, is in terms of Conversion, as well as “rising up” against Evil and all the bad things we may or may not encounter, being “soldiers for Christ” as Father Anthony says, ready for the battle and fight the good fight.  With this in mind, Father Anthony brings up the battle with Good vs Evil and how that from watching the news, he points out that God, even though Father Anthony knows He exists and is present, but is around us and He is here with us and exists, due to evil existing. With the Uprising upon us, Father Anthony gets some breaking news surrounding the Procession he talked about on previous shows, as well as what is going on around us, past and present and possible future.  Father Anthony once again reminds us to pray the rosary too in this battle he talks about, as well as reminding us God is with us and He helps us and guides us.  This also brings to mind the spark or idea of revolution, in terms of Good vs Evil, allowing Father Anthony and group to raise many things surrounding this.