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Episode # 1680 – What Has Happened To Turn This World Upside Down

May 9, 2017

Today Father Anthony, as usual has many things on his mind today, however Gerri is very happy to be here on the show again and feels very good about things today.  Tony however is having a “Tony Day” that is a cold dark (which it is outside) day and Christina is feeling good.  Despite all that, Father Anthony can’t complain with how well and good the Jubilee Year is going for St. Stans this year and he is good too.  The show starts with talking about how the weather once again is in conflict with itself that is the weather keeps going up and down or cold and warm through the weeks of April and leading into May.  He also shares how he recently wrote the Mother’s Day Letter too, with also lots coming up.  With the Apparition on Father Anthony’s mind, this he focuses on more as the show goes on.  This also brings to mind the sign of the times of today, in terms of pornography and the way that dress styles have changed, as well as mannerisms which have become the norm today.  Father Anthony and everyone once again talk of the recent tragedies around the world, including recent Churches closing and more tragedy across the globe, allowing Father Anthony to ask the main question, “What has happened…?”  What follows is Father Anthony reminds us that there is no peace, without God, resulting in this “upside down” world we live in, as everyone on the show says.  Father Anthony also shares about a dream he had, which relates to the chaos around the world.  He also shares once again, the story of Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner, leading to a strange time as Father Anthony keeps saying, strange as in how things have changed in society.