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Episode # 1678 – First Friday In May With Geoff Hammond

May 5, 2017

As the title says, it’s the First Friday of May and Geoff Hammond is once again here with us to allow us to “make time for The Lord” and give Him adoration as Geoff always says.  He wishes everyone had and is having a wonderful Easter, due to Easter passed and we are in the Easter Season.  He offers prayer that are related to Easter.  He offers other prayers designed to allow us to show Adoration and Reparation to God and show that He loves and guides us, as well as provides us mercy, when we ask for it, need it, and/or seek it.  He also offers sayings and prayers from Saint Ignatius related to what he’s talking about today.  As usual for Friday Friday’s, Geoff has special moments on the show to allow us to be reminded of God being there for us, as well as we offer adoration to Him, including a Daily Examine that is very important, allowing us to show us how God’s gratitude is shown and that we are indeed not alone in the times we go through and Geoff talks about the Sacred Heart of today too.