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Episode # 792 - An Interview With Two Jims

December 4, 2013

Father Thomas Loya is in for Father Anthony Bush once again, joined by Tony and later Christina and everyone feels good on the show today.  Father Loya wishes everyone well, including friends of his that are listening, such as his friend Margret.  First, Father Loya shares his opinions on information he has received recently, related to the idea of same sex marriages and abortion information  Today the show has on the phone, two guests, both named Jim.  The first is Deacon Jim Sinacore from the Infant Prague Parish and talks about the information Father Loya shares first and how his Parish is doing something about it, as well as things Jim Sinacore has done while at the Parish.  For more information on Jim and his Parish.  The second Jim on the show today is Jim Littleton from Frankfort, IL and his organization is Forming Faithful Families and Jim shares what he and his wife have dealt with in the organization, as well as personal triumphs they have gone through.  For more information on Jim Littleton and Forming Faithful Families, visit: