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Episode # 1826 – Combining The Feast Of Christ The King And The Idea Of Heaven

November 29, 2017

Once again, Father Koys is with us today and that means it’s Wednesday and he’s ready for some more “brain wrinkling” with all of our loyal listeners.  Today, Father Koys has another special, important topic to discuss on the show, in fact two are on his mind today: The Feast of Christ the King and the idea of Heaven and Eternity.  With both of these two topics on and wrinkling his brain too, Father Koys combines both topics today in terms of how people view them and what a person may think about concerning these topics.  This includes what to look forward to in the afterlife, what someone’s idea of Eternity could be, and what our relationship with Christ has to do with them.  Time is another valuable and important component on these two topics for people to include here.