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Episode # 1816 – The Study Of Holy Psychology

November 15, 2017

Father Koys joins us today as usual and is very excited to be here on the show.  However, as he is usually a fan of history and many historical facts and events surrounding the Church and he usually talks about that, but today Father Koys takes us in a different direction, focusing on psychology and psychological topics that we all talk about and maybe aren’t even aware we might mention, but also to stimulate our intellect as well.  This relates back to last week with All Saints Day last week, but mainly how today’s topic deals with how we feel at times, that we get down and depressed, but also get up and enjoy life and have fun.  To help on this, Father Koys has for us today, two songs along the lines of psychological things, which are: I Dream A Dream from the classic musical, Les Miserables and also Eagles and Horses  by John Denver, someone Father Koys has talked about a lot and a fan of.  These songs help talk about certain feelings surrounding All Saints Day further, such as those feeling lost and sad in Purgatory and what we feel at times in terms of joy and sadness.