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Episode # 1815 – More On The Dark Side Of Technology

November 14, 2017

Father Anthony and Tony are back with us today and they are very excited to be back with us on this Tuesday.  To start things off, Father Anthony acknowledges Producer Nick right away, as he points out how he is in the studio and making sure the show is on the air, not to mention his hat change from his Pumpkin hat to his favorite brown hat that reminds many of the Indiana Jones hat.  This brings Father Anthony to talk more about on who we are and where we are, including him and Tony today, which Father Anthony talks about how he went to Rochester last week and it feels like a retreat to him nowadays.  This also leads Father Anthony to talk about how he isn’t used to resting and no rest at times, where we need rest at times. He also points out how much information is out there, with so many people on cell phones and access to lots of things on the internet and the media, all in terms of going to a dark side of technology with there being too much of it.