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Episode # 1814 – Interview With Kevin Matthews

November 13, 2017

Hello and good Monday to everyone, for today is very special, for if you were a Kev Head and still are, Winds of Change is proud and honored to have with Mary FioRito on with her today, Kevin Matthews, Chicago Radio Legend and who is promoting his book: Broken Mary: A Journey Of Hope.  Kevin talks about his book, such as what inspired him to write the book, as well as things that contributed to it, including the statue itself that he found in a dumpster of the Virgin Mary and “a voice” Kevin says that turned him to writing the book and to the Church, which all took place around 2011.   Kevin provides very interesting and inspirational words, not only talking about the broken statue of Mary and his book, but it relates to “we are all broken” and points out in terms of all of us in some way and himself, reminding us that there are many gifts from God we have.  For more information on Mary FioRito and Kevin Matthews, especially on his book: Broken Mary: A Journey of Hope, visit online at:

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