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Episode # 1813 - Technology With The Two Tony’s

November 10, 2017

Due to Producer Nick getting stuck in Chicago traffic for almost 2 hours due to snow and accidents, but he's alright, this is a re-air from October 13th and has the updated breaks and spots for the show.  We apologize for any problems or inconviences.  Thank you.

Father Anthony is back with us today and joined by Tony on this Friday and opening up the show, Father Anthony talks about all the listeners that we have for Winds of Change, about 5,000, as well as people going on Facebook and seeing our page on there too, about 17,000 hits Father Anthony points out.  However, Father Anthony talks about both the good and bad facts surrounding social media sites and the use of technology.  Today is also the Feast Day of the Archangels and Father Anthony shares a bit on that today too.  Tony gets a few questions from Father Anthony today too, surrounding special and sacred things, some Father Anthony talks about today, some that he forgets at the start of the show, but will come back, but first talks about technology and Tony.  With talking about technology, Father Anthony reminds us that we are in a time of Grace and we need to reestablish our relationship with God and brings up points from last week on this again.  This brings up the previous topic of discussion of Father Anthony talking about how “the noise is all around us” and we need time for silence at times, allowing both Tony and Father Anthony to say about how technology and noise is all around us and surrounds us, and that we are so used to it, we need moments of silence to break from it and in doing that, allow for the silence to be used in prayer for example or just enjoying the silence in the fast moving, technological world we live in and shut the noise out.  With all this in mind, Father Anthony points out that we are searching for God and brings to mind some musicians and celebrities again, such as Lady Gaga.