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Episode # 1811 – Interview With Jim Coughlin

November 8, 2017

It’s Wednesday and that means Father Thomas Koys joins us today and today he is not joined by Tony, but by Jim Coughlin, a very good, lifelong friend who Father Koys has known for a long time.  As usual, Father Koys goes back into history, but only a few decades this time, around 1940s and due to Jim visiting today and visits the 1940s.  Today Father Koys and Jim share some personal stories, some surrounding Jim’s dad, as well as related to what Father Koys is discussing this hour today.  Some of the talk about the 1940s also reflects from World War II, with what was going on, not only on the frontlines and the battlefields, but also those who were working, with Jim’s dad being a part of the war, facing many things going on.  With World War II in mind, Father Koys focuses on Faith and War here, allowing for Holy and Unholy Remembering here as Father Koys says in terms of the memories shared and talked about, as well as how everything was back then.  This also brings to mind the bonds that people share and have, in relationships with others, as well as within the family.  As the show goes on, Jim shares more personal stories surrounding what his dad went through during World War II, including one involving a concentration camp.