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Episode # 1787 – The Continuous Struggle Of Good VS Evil Part 2

October 5, 2017

Father Anthony and Tony pick up where they left off on Tuesday this week and talking about the continuous struggle of good vs evil in this world.  One of the many factors surrounding this, is the many, many tragedies and realities of Life we face, including the terrible tragic shootings in Las Vegas on Monday, as well as the many natural disasters many in America and Puerto Rico have faced with hurricanes and earthquakes.  Father Anthony talks about “tuning it out” after being exposed to all of this in the past week, with so much bad going on.  However, he reminds us that Life is and can be good, despite the struggles we face.  This discussion allows Father Anthony to bring to mind people he recently visited in hospitals and dealing with loss or sickness or recovery from all things.  He also points out that we also have to put our faith in God to help us get through all this, but at times, we can get tired of the questions that can create pain for those going through tough times, with Father Anthony trying to provide the answers to help.  This raises new points on compassion and suffering with all this in mind, allowing us to “tune in to God” Father Anthony tells Tony and all.  Despite all this, Father Anthony again reminds us that “God has our back” in our times of struggle and that God will help us and comfort us in our times of need and suffering, allowing us to get through these tough and hard times, allowing us to remember that and God will help and guide us.