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Episode # 1785 – The Continuous Struggle Of Good VS Evil

October 3, 2017

Father Anthony is here with us again today and as always, ready to talk about the distress and the battle we face all the time.  The focus first is talking about the latest information and update on the tragic shooting massacre in Las Vegas on Sunday, which now has reported now 59 dead and over 500 injured, leading Father Anthony to say we live in very difficult times today.  This allows Father Anthony and Tony to discuss how many have sent their thoughts and prayers to all the families and the victims of this terrible shooting massacre, affecting all of America.  This allows Father Anthony to offer praise to all those who not only came to the Healing Mass over the weekend, but also those who deal with all kinds of evil and danger in the world, including the tragic shooting, which includes; police, first responders, firefighters, soldiers, and all others who deal with tragedies and emergencies.  Father Anthony also talks about how the battel between good and evil is going on, but it seems evil is getting the upper hand at times.  The ultimate question asked here, along with trying to figure out the motive behind the Las Vegas shootings, is “Why?”  This also brings to mind what Father Anthony calls “The Culture War” in terms of what is going on in society and around us with different cultures and our behaviors to each other.  Another question asked with all this in mind is, with God helping, guiding, and protecting us, as well as loves us and all powerful, “Why all this suffering , pain, injustice, and evil?”  Father Anthony and Tony talk about how various people of various ages can answer that, as well as provide possible answers to this.