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Episode # 1784 – Feast Day Of The Guardian Angels With Father Brendan Guilfoil

October 2, 2017

Today Mary FioRito joins us on the show.  But, before she begins, she opens up with talking about the tragic shootings that occurred in Las Vegas last night/Sunday night, leaving at least 50 dead and 400 injured, the worst shooting in American history and President Trump calling it “an act of pure evil.”  All of us at Winds of Change offer our thoughts and prayers to all those who are going through this terrible tragedy in Las Vegas.  She is also joined by Father Brendan Guilfoil and as stated before, Mary and Father Brendan discuss this terrible tragedy, with more victims being found and more injured as the morning/afternoon goes by today.  Also, today Father Brendan and Mary talk about the Guardian Angels, today being their Feast Day and how we need them more than ever today.  During this discussion, Father Brendan talks about who and/or what Angels and Guardian Angels are, what they do, how they help, how they watch us, why God has them and more on their purpose for all of us here on Earth.  This also raises up Fallen Angels, such as Satan Himself here, showing their differences and explaining them.  This also allows to discuss subjects that Angels and Guardian Angels are connected to, such as marriage and helping us.  Along those lines, Mary asks Father Brendan about himself and his connections to Guardian Angels with him sharing when he became a priest and the experiences that led to that. As the show goes, more on Guardian Angels are shared and talked about, in terms of helping and assisting us on Earth and protecting us, as well as talking about other Angels too.  Being a parent and mother herself, Mary asks Father Brendan how parents can talk to their kids about Guardian Angels.  For more information on Mary FioRito and Father Brendan Guilfoyle, visit online at:

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