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Episode # 1778 – The Need For Deviations And For God

September 22, 2017

Another very good Friday today on Winds of Change, despite Father Anthony coming straight from a funeral at the start of the day.  He feels he needs to be more organized, as he has much on his mind once again today, just like yesterday, but not necessarily bad.  Tony once again joins him, their fourth day in a row this week being live on the show, starting on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and today.  Communication is key here in terms of what Father Anthony starts off today.  He also talks about how many masses he has this weekend coming up too.  This brings up Father Anthony talking about working so much and work related stress, related to how much Jesus Himself went through, before and during his crucifixion.  Through all this overwhelming content, Father Anthony tells Tony and all that there is a need for a break, in terms of relaxation and taking time for fun and family.  This also brings to mind how the Devil makes things easy, as well as sinful, but also how God’s path is good, but takes work and is possible.  Father Anthony however feels that we have “lost our sensitivity” to beings and things like God and sin and our faith.  After as Father Anthony says “30 minutes of nonstop talk” (LOL) he and Tony continue the discussion left off from yesterday and talks more about the mysteries of God.  This brings back the “need” for God and for people, as well as the need for things to relax with, such as sports, entertainment, and even Producer Nick and Tony’s fandom of comic books.  The need for deviations like these, which are ways of relaxing from all the stress and work that everyone has in their lives, which also might turn into an obsession or leading us away from things.  Towards the end of the show today, Father Anthony asks Tony, as well as everyone: “What will it take?” in terms of trying to recognize the need for the Sacred Worship of God, as well as allowing us to relax at times too, knowing God is there for us and with us and the need for hope and love, especially after all the natural disasters that have hit parts of the world in recent weeks.