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Episode # 1775 – Reactions To Governments And Politics

September 19, 2017

Father Anthony is here and this morning began with the Children’s Confessions and Father Anthony points out how this helps the children understand sin and the importance of when they make confessions.  When Tony arrives a couple of minutes after the show starts, Father Anthony and Tony pick up the discussion more along the lines of what they were talking about yesterday, including the feeling of getting up and starting the work day and work week.  This raises up the area of the family again.  Father Anthony also brings up politics with talking about media and President Donald Trump, as well as the media as a whole too, in terms of using the media with governments and the ups and downs, good and bad with media.  Tony and Father Anthony share their feelings on what governments should be doing in terms of helping people and what they should be doing, which brings up President Trumps speech to the United Nations this morning.  From this speech, Tony and Father Anthony talk about that many people, including many Americans, have good and bad feelings on President Trump, before and after his election and during his term in office.  One story Father Anthony shares along these lines involves him during the election and serval months before, with Father Anthony in Chicago and he meeting and talking to people he knew/knows nearby the Trump Tower and how they were shouting and making gestures at the tower and making Father Anthony angry.  This allows Father Anthony and Tony to share their feelings on certain aspects within this conversation.