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Episode # 1747 – The Feast Day Of Saint Lawrence

August 10, 2017

Tony “flies” in as Father Anthony starts the show and startles him, as the show with Two Tony’s starts off.  On a fun and positive note, Producer Nick’s parents are visiting the show today and able to see the show live, which leads to Father Anthony opening up the show on the entertainment provided for us all in society and Producer Nick’s mom being a teacher, brings up how the money for entertainment should be put to good use with teaching and providing for many noble professions too.  Also with teachers in mind, Father Anthony and Tony share a story about one of the teachers at St. Stanislaus Kostka School and also how September is coming up and kids are back to school too.  This also brings Father Anthony to talk briefly about Producer Nick’s mom and dad, as well as bring up teachers in general.  Today is the Feast Day of St. Lawrence and Father Anthony shares some history surrounding him, leading to talk more about St Stans dear friend Gerri.  This also brings up the subject Father Anthony has talked about the last few days, the Transfiguration and reminder that God is with us.  With all these subjects, it picks up the discussion as a whole from this entire week in terms of good vs evil and conflicts we face around us and internally and to once again, separate “the wheat from the chaff” again as Father Anthony said and started on last week’s shows.  After the first break, Father Anthony brings up things with the family as a loving group, unit, or set, and unfortunately bring up some sad facts with how families are today, which relates to “the unrest” and “the emptiness” Father Anthony points out.  Tension once again rises up as it has on the show the past few times surrounding these points.  This allows Father Anthony to remind us that God is “tapping” at our door and is there for us.