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Episode # 1743 – First Friday Of August With Geoff Hammond

August 4, 2017

As promoted and promised, the First Friday of the month is here and so is Geoff Hammond. He’s very happy to be back with us this month to offer prayers and sayings to God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit to show our adoration and admiration to Them and how They help us in our lives and bring comfort to us in our times of need. This also allows to show the celebration of the Sacred Heart as well. Today, Geoff focuses on Our Lady’s Fiat at the start of the show and Our Lady Mary. This entire month is dedicated to the Immaculate Heart Of Mary, with Geoff talking about her and her importance (as we all know) but also the celebration of this entire month of August for her and others associated with her during this time, allowing Geoff to talk about some of those in history with her. He also offers serval prayers as he does each First Friday with Mary in mind and others. He also gives background on the Immaculate Heart and history behind it, as well as its importance. He also shares what will be happening on Saturdays this month too. Geoff also offers prayers to Mary in this time and month of August, allowing us to feel closer to her and to pray the Rosary during this time and month. He also offers prayer to seek mercy from God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit, as well as the Daily Examine he brings every First Friday show. With Mary in mind, Geoff also reminds us to “think about your Mothers” in terms with her, and with many masses going on today, tonight, and the weekend (First Saturday), as well as the month of August with Mary in mind.